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NCSC Board of Directors:


President:  George A. Caceres 203-856-9515

Vice President:  Robert Smith

Treasurer: Aleyda T. Caceres

Secretary: Natalia T. Santiago

Registrar: Rosa Zuniga 

Referee Assigner:  Victor Borges

Field and Gym Assigner: TBD                      

Referees Director: Cristobal Cuba

Recreational Trainer:  George A. Caceres

Boys Travel Teams for the SPRING Season 2020

U- 9 Boys        Head Coach: George A. Caceres     cell 203-856-9515
                         Assistant coach: TBD

U-10 Boys      Head Coach ; Edwin Garcia 203-722-4875 E-mail   

U-11 Boys      Head Coach ; George A. Caceres     cell 203-856-9515
U-12 Boys    Head Coach  Joseph Caceres Cell: 203-856-1798

                       Assistant Coach TBD

U-13 Boys    
Head Coach: Joseph Caeres Cell:203856-1798
                      Assistant Coach: Wilmer Cruz email: wvdelacruz@yahoo.com Cell 203-981-2617
U-14/15 boys    Head Coach : William Sequeira Cell 203-919-3092 
U-16 Boys    Head Coach:  William Sequeira Cell 203-919-3092 

U-18/20 Boy Head Coach:  William Sequeira Cell 203-919-3092 
U-18/20 Boys  Head Coach: Aleyda T. Caceres 203-247-7290
                         Assistant Coach George A. Caceres Jr. Cell 203-246-7290





George A. Caceres Cell 203-856-9515 E-mail 
Robert Smith  Cell 203-247-3736 E-mail